Gill Dawg Marina
5419 Treadway Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668
Next to Gill Dawg Tiki Bar & Grill On The Bayou
Close to Sun Cruz Casino & Hooters Restaurant
For Non-Stop
Deep-Sea Fishing Action,
"We’ll Hook You Up!"
Charters Available 7 Days a Week/365 Days a Year Comfortably Fits Parties Up to 6



727-869-3201 or 727-271-3575



Gill Dawg Marina
5419 Treadway Dr., Port Richey, FL 34668

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Q.   How many people can fish on you boat?
A.   We can comfortably fit up to 6 people
Q.   What if the weather conditions are bad the time
our trip is booked?
A.   If weather is bad the customer has the option of rescheduling the trip or canceling the trip with deposit refunded.
Q.   Do we need a license and to bring our own bait?
A.   No, the charter includes your license, bait and tackle.
Q.   Can I use my own fishing pole?
A.   Yes, the customer is always welcome to bring their own fishing pole but the captain also supplies custom made fishing poles for each charter.
Q.   Can we cook the fish we catch?
A.   Yes, the customer can bring home their catch to cook. See Captains recommended recipes.
Q.   What is included in our trip?
A.   Each charter includes license, bait, tackle and fish filleted and packed on ice.
Q.   What is the best way to avoid sea sickness?
A.   The captain recommends that the customer take Dramamine, Bonine or Antivert at night time just before bedtime, regardless of instructions on the bottle. He has noticed over the years that the people who take it in the morning do not do as well as the ones who take it at bed time.
Q.   What is the recommended gratuity for the mate?
A.   10-15%