Gill Dawg Marina
5419 Treadway Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668
Next to Gill Dawg Tiki Bar & Grill On The Bayou
Close to Sun Cruz Casino & Hooters Restaurant
For Non-Stop
Deep-Sea Fishing Action,
"We’ll Hook You Up!"
Charters Available 7 Days a Week/365 Days a Year Comfortably Fits Parties Up to 6

Grouper - We catch grouper year-round. They’re bottom dwellers that prefer live bait in the summer on the bottom and frozen bait in the winter, such as Boston mackerel and sardines.

Snapper - They bite the best in warm water. Preferred bait in the summer is small live pinfish and small pieces of scaled sardines. Use scaled sardines in the winter for bait.

Key West Grunts - Year-round. Always an easy catch to fulfill any angler’s desire to catch fish. The bait we use is squid.

Sea Bass - Year-round fish, more so in the cooler water. Preferred bait is squid.

Kingfish & Bonito - Spring, summer and fall are the times to catch kingfish. They can be caught on live bait but love a sardine, free-lined 30 yards away from the boat.

Cobia - Spring, summer and early fall. Can be caught on the bottom with live or dead bait. Some will come right to the back of the boat where they will take a nice live bait.

Spanish Mackerel - These can be caught on light line, free-lined behind the boat with small chunks of bait.

Shark - Year-round fish, except in the harsh, cold weather. Prefer bait on the bottom such as a butterflied grunt or large Boston mackerel.



Captain’s favorite way to cook his grouper but it can also done with
sea bass, Key West grunt and mangrove snapper: Put a pan or
aluminum boat on the grill and add a stick of butter, some garlic
powder and a touch of salt. Cook until the edges turn lightly brown.
There is no need to turn fish over during cooking. It is just that easy!

Captain’s favorite way to prepare kingfish is
to marinate in Italian dressing or butter and
light lemon. Place skin side down on grill.
Cook for approximately 12-16 minutes.


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